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Welcome to FIX IT UP

Why was FIX IT UP Created?

FIX IT UP was created by Brad Fekula and Dwayne Melcher for users to find a convenient and reliable way to save time and money when looking for a quote. As business owners we know that time is of the essence, so we created the FIX IT UP software to help ensure users get the best deal available in a timely fashion. With this idea in mind, we feel this process will revolutionize the way quotes are provided. The “Compare Quotes and Save” motto will save users money while rewarding jobs to the most qualified businesses.


What is FIX IT UP?

FIX IT UP is a quoting software designed to unite both user and businesses. Users signup to post their project by using our designed template system and these projects can range from plumbing, autobody, insurance, etc. Businesses that are signed up receive the project details via email and they have an opportunity to generate a quote to send back to the user. FIX IT UP allows users to let qualified businesses compete for their business all from the convience of their smart phone, tablet, or computer.


Why FIX IT UP is right for you?

It’s an opportunity to let trusted local businesses in 220+ categories come to you. FIX IT UP is free for the user to receive unlimited quotes from qualified businesses in your local area.

FIX IT UP is also looking for owners! Do you want to earn some extra cash? It’s really easy, simply send out your FIX IT UP Business Referral Link to businesses that you know and get them to sign-up through your Business Referral Link and you will earn 25% of the FIX IT UP fee for every job they win on FIX IT UP! That’s right you will earn $2.50-$10 (depending on the category) every time they use FIX IT UP as long as they are tagged to your account. Make real money with FIX IT UP.

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Step 1

  • Using your Phone, Tablet, or Computer.
    • Select the category related to your project.
    • Select Find A Pro
    • Type in your Postal Code/Zipcode
    • Fill-out our customized category template to provide details about your project along with photos.
    • Login or Create a New User Account
    • Once completed post your project for businesses to bid on.

Step 2

  • Businesses receive an email notifying them of a new project.
  • Businesses have 72 hours to complete a detailed quote that is sent to the user.
  • If an inspection is needed for the quote to be official, it can be outlined in the details.

Step 3

  • Users review and compare quotes based on price, location, estimated timelines, business ratings, and reviews.
  • Based on this information, they have the ability to choose the one that best suits their needs.

Step 4

  • The chosen business will receive a notification that they have been selected for the project.
  • The businesses will be required to pay a FIX IT UP fee ranging from $5 to $40 based on their category.
  • Upon successful payment the users contact information will be forwarded to the business.
  • It is then up to the business to contact the user and carry out the project.






Emergency Services

FIX IT UP software also has the ability for businesses to “Turn On” for emergency services that are needed outside of normal business hours. This gives users the ability to contact businesses via phone number at any hours of the day if that business wishes to be available for emergency work. **Not applicable to some business** To unlock all available representatives simply use your FIX IT UP Token which everyone receives one FIX IT UP Token when signing up or if you are out of tokens you can pay $5.00. Users will then have access to all of the available phone numbers of the businesses turned on for emergency services.

Note you can earn FIX IT UP tokens by signing up your friends. Simply send out your User URL (found in User Profile) to your friends and if they sign-up on your URL you receive 1 FIX IT UP token!



About us User Signup Page





The URL takes customers to the specific category that you have chosen. Allowing customers quick access to the FIX IT UP quoting software. Leads are emailed directly to your company email.

If you would like to know more information on FIX IT UP please give us a call 306-550-5678 or email us at brad@fixitup.repair.


Brad Fekula and Dwayne Melcher