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Chimney caulking & check eaves / downspouts

Roofing & Repair

Regina, SK
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Free to bid, chosen business pays FIXITUP fee.

Where is the service required?
Residential Roof
If you selected Repair, what issues have you been experiencing with your Roof? (If Applicable)
We would like someone to inspect & repair roof flashing / caulking around & downspouts if required
What type of service do you require?
What type of transaction do you require?
Purchase Outright
What type of Roof?
Asphalt Shingles
What style of Roof do you have?
Maintenance on caulking peak roof
What style of Home?
How many levels is your Residence/Building?
Do you have any of the following on your Roof?
Brick Chimneys; Vents
Do you have any of the following Structures that require Roof matching?

Is there easy access to put a garbage bin on Lawn/Driveway/etc for garbage removal?
Any other details for your Roofing Service? (Dimensions, features, etc)
I would like someone to check the caulking around my chimney / and other roof vents and repair if required. I would also like to ensure there is nothing blocking the downspouts. I’m not looking to have the roof redone. Just maintenance if required. If not, I’m happy to pay for the time. - truck fee etc.
When would you preferably like your Roofing Service to take place?
Upload photos of the type of Roofing material you are looking for or your existing Roof.(Limit 10)
Upload photos of the location where you require new installation.(Limit 10) (If Applicable)
Upload photos of any damages needing Repairs.(Limit 10) (If Applicable).
Upload PDF of your project/service.(Limit 10) (If Applicable)
Youtube video link of my job. (optional)